NewsA phone call to Washington. Ukraine's fate hangs in the balance

A phone call to Washington. Ukraine's fate hangs in the balance

A phone call to Washington. Ukraine's fate hangs in the balance
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1:43 PM EST, December 5, 2023

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected to address US senators on Tuesday, outlining "what's at stake". The US Congress is preparing to make a decision on the allocation of funds for military support for Ukraine. The White House warns that aid could be withheld by the end of the year if this decision isn't made.

The United States cannot continue delivering weapons and equipment to Ukraine if Congress fails to approve additional funding by the end of the year," warned the White House on Monday, stressing that lawmakers' inaction could have catastrophic effects on the battlefield.

What's at Stake for Ukraine? $64 Billion

The Biden administration is urging Congress to approve the allocation of funds which the White House estimates at $106 billion (approximately $420 billion).

The intended use of these funds is to support not only Ukraine and Israel but also other security-related purposes. The military aid for Ukraine alone is expected to reach over $60 billion of the package. Since mid-October, the White House has been imploring Congress to pass these funds for Kyiv.

Senators to Hear "What's at Stake"

Democratic leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, announced on Monday that the Biden administration has invited President Zelensky to address the senators. The purpose of this address is for senators to "hear directly from him, what's at stake."

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan expressed confidence on Monday that a bipartisan majority of congressmen support continuing aid for Ukraine. However, this comes with the condition that the appropriate bill is voted on.

As of yet, no bill has been proposed, with both parties disagreeing on changes in asylum and immigration policy. These changes are meant to be part of a more comprehensive package of measures, including Kyiv funds.

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