NewsA new approach to war from Russia? Hard to believe

A new approach to war from Russia? Hard to believe

A Russian soldier escaped from a vehicle that blew up on a mine moments later.
A Russian soldier escaped from a vehicle that blew up on a mine moments later.
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10:02 AM EST, November 18, 2023

How does one win a war against Ukraine? This question lingers in the minds of many Russians, particularly their leader Vladimir Putin. Troops at the front lines are resorting to desperate measures, including illogical attacks. For instance, a vehicle was blown into the air before it could even reach enemy lines. The madness goes on.

The Russians attack while the Ukrainians defend and counterattack. This is the current snapshot of the warfront in many regions, with no clear breakthrough in sight. Moscow wants to demonstrate victories before winter, but their battle force falls short. Essentially, they merely continue to embarrass themselves while emphasizing their severe military constraints.

One soldier became a casualty after being thrust into a suicide mission aboard an MT-LB armored personnel carrier. This vehicle, packed with explosives, was meant to travel to Ukrainian positions independently, wreaking havoc and casualties. However, one minor, overlooked detail led their shrewd plan to go up in flames.

This was touted as Russia's monumental attack on the front. They decided to load an MT-LB armored personnel carrier with explosives, with a "volunteer" driving it to enemy lines before setting off an explosion to inflict losses on the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Regrettably, the occupiers overlooked a crucial detail.

The terrain between the opposing armies is heavily mined, possibly by the occupiers themselves.

So, the scene unfolds with a Russian soldier hastily fleeing from the vehicle, which then rides through the battlefield unaccompanied, stalls, and detonates forcefully. It was a considerable distance from the Ukrainian lines, and the first anti-tank mine proved effective, foiling the Russian plan. Consequently, they lost the vehicle, explosive ammo, and the element of surprise.

The driver was extraordinarily fortunate to not hit a mine while he was still inside the vehicle and abandoning it. This fresh Russian tactic ended up a colossal failure, amplifying their losses at the front. Meanwhile, the Ukrainians calmly monitored everything from a safe distance, using their drones to maintain control over the situation.

The Russians keep astonishing with their supposed "efficiency" and the occasional incapability of their military. Historically capable of remotely controlling dozens of tanks at a training base and dubbed the "second army of the world", they are now an object of ridicule, and this is no hyperbole.

Hopefully, this pattern persists until the day Ukraine triumphs in the war and rids itself of the occupiers in Moscow.

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