NewsA McDonald's customer loses his temper, destroys restaurant

A McDonald's customer loses his temper, destroys restaurant

A McDonald's customer went into a rage. He demolished the place.
A McDonald's customer went into a rage. He demolished the place.
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2:59 PM EST, November 11, 2023

A video from a McDonald’s restaurant in the USA recently surfaced on the internet. It depicts a customer who, while awaiting his order, loses control. The gentleman damages the restaurant's equipment and berates the employees using obscene language.

The incident unfolded a few days ago at a McDonald's in White Marsh, Maryland, USA. The video starts with a shot of a man standing by the window where employees dispense orders.

Wondering why this seems strange? Actually, this is the drive-thru system, a place designed for cars, not pedestrians.

The man initially stands calmly at the window, but that quickly changes. He suddenly starts shouting expletives and throwing various items he has at hand. These include fries and drinks, likely intended for other customers.

The man starts shouting demands like "give me food", and asserts that "everything belongs to him". Additionally, he aims obscene language towards the staff.

But that's not where the story ends. The man becomes so emotional at one point he starts to rip out the equipment installed near the window.

As a result, he drops a computer on the floor, along with other connected electronic appliances and the metal shelves they were on.

In the video, we see one of the restaurant employees hand the man two bags of food. Yet, even then, he doesn’t calm down. He snatches the bags from the woman's hand while continuing to shout. At one point, he throws one of the nearby items at her and finally slams the window shut.

Internet community reactions

The video has garnered around 70,000 views so far. The comments display noticeable outrage.

A significant number of individuals online have praised the calm and composed responses of the McDonald’s employees.

It remains unclear whether the man was arrested, and if he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs during his rampage.

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