NewsA man who won hundreds of millions yet to claim the prize, forfeiture imminent

A man who won hundreds of millions yet to claim the prize, forfeiture imminent

He won hundreds of millions and didn't come forward. The money will soon be lost.
He won hundreds of millions and didn't come forward. The money will soon be lost.
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12:34 PM EST, December 5, 2023

In June, a resident of Florida bagged the jackpot of approximately 44 million dollars. Despite this massive win, he has yet to claim the prize. The Florida Lottery, the organizing body in question, cautions that the window to collect the winnings is rapidly closing.

It's fair to say that winning a Lotto jackpot, or similar lottery games, is a common dream worldwide. In June, this dream became a reality for a patron of a Florida gas station.

With a stroke of luck, the patron won a staggering 44 million dollars, an amount many can only dream about. We're sure most of you would have an idea of what to do if you were in his shoes!

Interestingly, no one has yet stepped forward to claim this large sum, and time is quickly running out. According to lottery rules, the deadline to claim the prize falls on December 11.

Therefore, the lottery organizers are urging everyone who took part in the June betting at the Sunoco Express gas station in Kissimmee, Florida, to double-check their tickets. The potentially lucky ticket could very well be in their possession.

Surprisingly, this isn't an isolated incident. In August 2022, a player from Michigan claimed his prize just in the nick of time. It transpired that he had left the winning ticket in his car and simply forgotten about it.

About the Florida Lottery

The Florida Lottery is a state-run lottery established in Florida. Initiated in January 1988, its primary objective was to raise supplemental funding for education in the state.

In addition to traditional lottery games, the Florida Lottery also offers a broad range of games, including the Florida Lotto, Fantasy 5, and Pick 4, as well as scratch-off and number games such as Cash4Life.

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