LifestyleA man went windsurfing. His camera recorded something terrifying

A man went windsurfing. His camera recorded something terrifying

The sports camera footage shows a whale hitting a windsurfer.
The sports camera footage shows a whale hitting a windsurfer.
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1:02 PM EDT, October 26, 2023

Extreme sports fans know that their fun is always loaded with a little risk. An Australian windsurfer, who brushed with death while swimming off the coast of Sydney, was reminded of this. - I thought I was a goner - he said in a conversation with journalists.

Jason Breen was windsurfing near Mona Vale Beach in Sydney, Australia when a dangerous situation occurred. The man had a sports camera with him, which he used to record his training. Suddenly, a whale jumped out of the water at him.

The whale hit the windsurfer who was sailing

The published video shows an animal abruptly emerging from the water and striking a windsurfer. For a few subsequent seconds, the camera is submerged while the man attempts to resurface.

A humpback whale hit a 55-year-old man with such force that he fell off his board and into the water. The athlete explained that the whale had gotten tangled in the rope, which the windsurfer was attached to his board. He admitted that the animal had dragged him down to a depth of about 20-30 feet. - I thought I was done for - the man said in an interview with the television station.

Luckily for the Australian, the rope snapped underwater, and he could surface. After getting ashore, the man told his friends what had happened to him. If it weren't for the camera, probably no one would have believed him.

- They thought I was making it up - Breen said in an interview with a "The Guardian" journalist.

A close encounter with a humpback could have ended in death

The situation was also recorded by one of the beachgoers. The witness registered the unfortunate jump of the humpback but quickly ended the recording for fear that the situation might have a tragic ending. He turned off the camera and dialed the emergency number.

According to the Australian, this story would have ended in death, if it weren't for the fact that the whale that jumped on him was young and small. - There's no way I'd be here otherwise - he concluded.

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