NewsA look at the impressive career of Kim Jong Un's sister - could she succeed him?

A look at the impressive career of Kim Jong Un's sister - could she succeed him?

The Kim family has ruled North Korea for decades. Will a woman take over power?
The Kim family has ruled North Korea for decades. Will a woman take over power?
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10:44 AM EST, November 14, 2023

Is North Korea on the brink of a power shift? While this seems unlikely as long as Kim Jong Un remains healthy enough to continue in office, it's becoming increasingly likely that his sister, Kim Yo Jong, could be his successor.

Kim Yo Jong currently holds the position of the second most powerful figure in the North Korean communist state. Reports suggest she's the only one with considerable influence over North Korea's policy decisions and the direction taken by her brother's regime.

Several media outlets, published reports, and foreign intelligence services describe her as the "power behind the throne" in Pyongyang.

She's believed to have played a key role in establishing her brother's cult and promoting his political career. Kim Yo Jong was the face of the United Korean representation at the Winter Olympics 2018. It was considered instrumental in the charm offensive, including Kim Jong Un's meeting with former US President Donald Trump.

In 2020, when the regime's foreign policy saw a complete shift, Kim notably started to use harsh rhetoric in international relations.

"Kim's department labeled the South Korean president as a 'dog' and a 'scoundrel'. She was the first to use nuclear threats in international dialogues and in media statements", as noted in The Sister, a book by researcher Sung Yoon Lee.

Lee, the author of the book, emphasizes that Kim Yo Jong has taken on many of her brother's responsibilities, has been involved in numerous executions within the country, and effectively took the reins of power during Kim Jong Un's absences.

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