LifestyleA gynecologist's perspective: things that they wish patients would avoid

A gynecologist's perspective: things that they wish patients would avoid

What not to do during a visit to the gynecologist
What not to do during a visit to the gynecologist
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1:04 PM EDT, October 27, 2023

Regular visits to a gynecologist can often be stressful for women despite the efforts made by many doctors to create a patient-friendly atmosphere. There are certain behaviors that patients exhibit which often make the consultation more challenging.

Regular Pap smears and ultrasounds are essential components of a woman's healthcare regimen, and they serve as important tools for detecting potential diseases. If one desires a swift and efficient visit to the gynecologist, avoiding these typical pitfalls is helpful.

Behaviors That Gynecologists Find Irritating

One thing that frustrates gynecologists is patients coming unprepared to the office. Oftentimes, patients cannot recall the date of their last menstrual cycle or are unsure of when their cycle's midpoint is. An even worse situation is when patients withhold their symptoms.

Many women feel threatened to disclose personal habits that could possibly contribute to disease symptoms to their gynecologists. It's imperative, however, to remember that the doctor is there to assess your health, and not to sit in judgment.

Gynecologist Melodie Zamora, during her interview with Bustle, laid emphasis on the common practice of women researching disease symptoms online, and then trying out home remedies. There are instances of patients even resorting to medication without professional consultation or chronically running late for appointments. Zamora stressed that while home remedies do have their place, they should only play a supplementary role in the treatment of intimate diseases.

Concerns regarding hygiene, body hair, and appointment cancellations due to menstruation

A common concern amongst many women is excessive body hair in intimate areas. However, for a gynecologist, this isn't the paramount concern; patient health and immediate intervention for infections are top priorities.

Another cause of annoyance for gynecologists is the cancellation of appointments due to menstruation. Dana Jacoby from The Healthy insists that menstruation should not cause an appointment to be skipped. In fact, gynecology appointments can still be productive during menstruation, courtesy of advanced diagnostic techniques. If a woman experiences heavy bleeding, it's crucial that she visit her gynecologist for a diagnosis and suitable treatment recommendations.

Prior to a gynecological check-up, it's advisable to avoid using perfumed gels for intimate hygiene and soap, both of which can disrupt the vagina's natural pH and irritate or dehydrate the skin in intimate areas.

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