NewsA gruesome discovery at the stadium. The police hid it for a long time

A gruesome discovery at the stadium. The police hid it for a long time

OSV Hanover Stadium
OSV Hanover Stadium
Images source: © licensor | OSV Hanower
9:32 AM EDT, October 19, 2023

At the stadium in Hanover (Lower Saxony), under the tribune, a man's body was discovered. As reported by German media, the identity of the deceased is to be revealed by the local police in the upcoming days.

As reported by the German "Bild", the body of a deceased man was discovered under the closed stands of the Oststadt stadium, where the OSV Hannover club, a sixth-division team, plays its home games.

At this moment, the local police are not revealing too many details about the deceased. The public has only been informed that the deceased was a man. His age and the circumstances of his death have not yet been disclosed. "Bild", referring to a statement released by the police spokesperson, reports that the authorities will release additional information on this matter in the coming days.

The police in Hanover plan to carry out a DNA analysis of the remains at that time. These actions are meant to assist in determining the identity of the man as well as clarify the cause of his death.

According to "Bild" findings, the police investigation has already shown that the man's death was not involved with third parties.

"Bild" reports that the man's body was found on July 4, during maintenance work taking place at the stadium. This information was not previously made public, because the services working on the case first wanted to determine whether the death occurred as a result of a crime. The evidence collected so far indicates that this was not the case.

Unofficial information provided by "Bild" indicates that a man's body laid under the closed stadium stands for a long period of time before its discovery. The gruesome finding was immediately reported to local authorities, who initiated an investigation into the matter.

OSV Hannover competes at the Landesliga level. After 13 rounds, the team is in 10th place in the table.

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