NewsA Google recruiter reveals a few tips for nailing a job interview

A Google recruiter reveals a few tips for nailing a job interview

How to do well in a job interview? Here are tips from a former Google recruiter.
How to do well in a job interview? Here are tips from a former Google recruiter.
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7:25 AM EST, November 14, 2023

Nolan Church, who has spent a few years working as a recruiter at Google, reveals a handful of clues for candidates.

Job hunting is a challenging and exhausting process. But who better to provide some insight than the one who has been a recruiter in one of the world's largest companies? At 34, Nolan Church has worked for both Google and DoorDash, and now runs his own company focused on identifying young talents in the job market.

In an interview with "Business Insider", Church shared five key tips that he believes will increase your chances of getting your dream job and make a good impression on recruiters.

Want to be remembered by recruiters? Nolan Church provides some tips

The first tip Church shares is to start job searching while you're still employed. He suggests that this presents an opportunity to network with experts and build relationships that could be beneficial when you finally decide to change jobs.

His second tip involves being firm. During his time at DoorDash, Church encountered an individual who sent daily emails to the CEO for 21 days straight, advocating for his employment. Though this method might not work for everyone, Church was so impressed by the candidate's determination that he invited them for an interview.

Church further recommends doing detailed research on each company before going for an interview. This includes a company's history. Also, rather than relying on generic questions to ask at the end of the interview, it's valuable to formulate your own questions specific to the company you're interested in.

According to the recruiter, it is also advisable to share stories from your professional life. Telling about your successes and challenges can make you memorable. Showcasing what motivates you and why also adds value.

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Church's final piece of advice is to find unique ways to stand out. He recounts the story of a candidate who visited 10 restaurants not served by DoorDash, a food delivery company, prior to his interview.

The candidate posed a simple question at these venues: 'why not DoorDash?' He then integrated these credibly addressed concerns into his interview, presenting solutions. The candidate's approach was so profound that he was hired in less than a day.

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