NewsA glimpse of a Ukrainian kindergarten post-Russian raid: A tragic sight

A glimpse of a Ukrainian kindergarten post-Russian raid: A tragic sight

"Terrifying effects of the Russian drone attack"
"Terrifying effects of the Russian drone attack"
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6:05 PM EST, November 25, 2023

Last night and early this morning of the 25th, Kyiv experienced a massive raid conducted by the Russian military. Unmanned aircraft attacked residential buildings, schools, and kindergartens, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Footage of the aftermath of the raid on one of these buildings, a kindergarten, is circulating online, and it's a shocking sight to behold.

The video captures the damage from a drone strike on a kindergarten in Kyiv. The building lies in a state of complete devastation, its walls and roof reduced to rubble by the unmanned vehicle. It leaves little doubt that the building is no longer usable.

Fortuitously, there were no children inside as it was a Saturday. Otherwise, we would certainly be talking about more victims of this nocturnal attack. Despite this, the sight of the ruined kindergarten is deeply disturbing.

The women working on the site filmed the vast scale of the destruction. While it's clear they are shocked, their constant consolations show their bravery in the face of tragedy.

"We must remain strong. Everyone is thankfully safe and healthy. God be praised!" - the women support each other amidst the chaos.

Despite the resolve to fight for their future, the footage is imbued with a palpable sense of sadness and the occasional shed tear.

"I've worked here for so long. My group is Słoneczko. With our favorite tableware among the rubble, I don't know what's next. The children were supposed to come for classes on Monday," shares one woman who has noticed the extensive damage.

Massive drone attack by Russia

Another worker at the kindergarten quickly reassures her. "Don't worry, we'll get an even better one! Surely."

This destroyed kindergarten is but one of many buildings that couldn't withstand the Russian attack. Notoriously, the Russians have been striking "blindly" since the onset of the war, obliterating numerous civilian targets and leaving thousands of Ukrainians homeless.

As of now, Ukrainian media reports two known casualties from the attack on Kyiv. Five people were injured. In a positive note, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reports that anti-aircraft defense managed to shoot down 74 out of the 75 aircraft.

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