NewsA Glimpse into how Russians bury their soldiers

A Glimpse into how Russians bury their soldiers

This is how Russians bury their soldiers. No words.
This is how Russians bury their soldiers. No words.
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9:59 AM EST, November 19, 2023

It's estimated that Russia has lost over 300 thousand soldiers due to military operations in Ukraine. However, the Kremlin is making significant efforts to hide this information from the public eye. The lack of respect for fallen soldiers is plainly evident. Further evidence of this is a footage purportedly filmed in Russia.

Russia initiated an attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Vladimir Putin anticipated that his troops would occupy Kyiv in just a few days, afterward putting a puppet government in power within the Ukrainian capital. This plan fell through, however, as Ukrainians rushed to defend their homeland en masse. Furthermore, it became evident that the Russian army was unprepared for an offensive.

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The war, expected to last "a few days," morphed into a long-standing conflict that continues to the present day. For the Russians, this translates to a consistent loss of soldiers. Putin found himself having to invoke "partial mobilization" among the Russian populace last fall as a rescue measure. Consequently, half a million citizens ended up being conscripted into the army.

Faced with no other options, the dictator from the Kremlin had to reconcile with estimates from Ukraine's General Staff - which suggest that Russian losses have soared well above 300 thousand soldiers. Even as early as August 2023, "The New York Times" was already reporting that the total lives claimed by the Russian aggression against Ukraine surpassed half a million.

There are numerous allegations that Russians show little respect towards their own soldiers, accusing commanders of treating them like cannon fodder. This lack of respect is further exemplified by the conditions surrounding the funerals of the fallen soldiers in Ukraine.

A video circulating on Russian Telegram shows the burial of a slain soldier. A few wreaths and the Russian flag are visible on the grave. However, the grave is situated on the very outskirts of the cemetery, regrettably close to trash. "This is how our warriors are buried," comments the maker of the video.

"He wasn't even buried inside the cemetery, but beyond its boundaries. Here you can see the demarcation. The grave is there, near the garbage heap. This is how men who gave their lives for their homeland are treated," added an outraged Russian.
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