LifestyleA European airline makes a surprising move. Animal snacks are now on the menu

A European airline makes a surprising move. Animal snacks are now on the menu

The Spanish airline will introduce dog snacks to the menu.
The Spanish airline will introduce dog snacks to the menu.
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11:38 AM EST, December 8, 2023

The Spanish low-cost airline, Vueling, will become the first in Europe to offer snacks for dogs on its newly launched onboard menu. The updated menu is set to be rolled out on the airline's flights during the winter of 2023/24 (Eastern Time).

Vueling prides itself on being a "pet-friendly" airline, thus permitting dogs in the cabin as long as the combined weight of the pet and its FAA-approved carrier does not exceed approximately 18 lbs.

Furthermore, dogs, cats, and ferrets are obliged to have an implanted microchip and must carry a veterinarian-issued passport.

Belgian pet food to be served on Vueling's flights

As of the winter season of 2023/24 (Eastern Time), dog snacks sourced from a Belgian pet food producer will be featured on Vueling's flights. The said producer carries the "B Corp." safety mark, indicating that their products align with sustainable development standards and pose no threats to health or the environment.

Reportedly, the manufacturer's product line includes dry and wet food for dogs and cats, as well as a diverse array of treats. The company assures that all their products are crafted 100% from natural, raw ingredients and promote a broad spectrum of flavors, allowing pets to select their preferences.

To travel abroad with a pet inside the cabin of a Vueling flight, an additional fee of 60 Euros (approximately $68) is obligatory. The airline sets a limit of five pets per flight. However, this regulation does not encompass guide dogs, as per the information provided on the airline's website.

Attriubutable to changes in Spain's animal rights laws

New animal welfare regulations were implemented in Spain at the end of September. Among other provisions, they make the transportation of pets on public transit—such as ships, planes, and trains—easier.

As per these regulations, if pet owners respect safety standards and maintain their animals' proper behavior, transportation providers should allow pets onto their conveyances. Furthermore, the law stipulates animals cannot be left unattended for more than three days at a time, with a 24-hour limit imposed for dogs.

Still this season, dogs will have their own menu aboard Vueling airline.
Still this season, dogs will have their own menu aboard Vueling airline.© Adobe Stock

Increasingly, airlines are accommodating pets in the cabin for travelers aside from those with disabilities. Azul, a Brazilian airline, is recognized as the first worldwide to offer pet food during flights.

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