NewsA dream vacation turns into a nightmare

A dream vacation turns into a nightmare

The vacation in the Cape Verde Islands turned into a real nightmare.
The vacation in the Cape Verde Islands turned into a real nightmare.
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5:52 AM EST, November 23, 2023

Charline Edwards from Sutton Coldfield (Great Britain) had been dreaming of this vacation. Venturing with her boyfriend to Cape Verde Islands, the young woman was aiming for an ideal holiday. Tragically, while swimming leisurely in the ocean, she was swept away by a rogue wave. The 24-year old was able to be saved, but she remains in critical condition and is currently stranded in a hospital thousands of miles from home. The details are distressing.

As reported by the Independent, the young couple enjoyed their time in the Cape Verde Islands until the incident. They had decided to have a beach day, taking a dip in the ocean where the green flags had indicated that the area was safe for swimming. Despite these assurances, tragedy struck.

We were in the water, less than waist deep. Charline was lying on her back, relaxing. Then, out of nowhere a very large wave hit her - reported Callum Aston, Charline's boyfriend, as quoted by Independent.

A dream vacation quickly morphs into a nightmare

Charline was dragged an alarming 66 feet from the shore. Her partner started a frantic search and ultimately pulled her out of the water. Tragically, she had suffered severe spinal nerve injuries, resulting in paralysis in her limbs.

Unfortunately, the couple failed to secure health insurance before their trip. Therefore, they were flabbergasted when the hospital treatment bill arrived for Charline in the Cape Verde Islands.

They currently owe the hospital £10,000 (approximately $13,000). Furthermore, an air ambulance is required to transport the injured woman back to Great Britain, which is estimated to cost £38,000 (roughly $50,000). This hefty cost is due to the specialist tests and further treatment that Charline necessitates. Both the British embassy and the travel office have clarified the gravity of the situation but have refused aid for the 24-year-old.

Callum Aston's evaluation of the hospital stay in Cape Verde Islands is certainly unfavorable. He claims that his girlfriend is receiving substandard care and is being mistreated there. Anyone who would like to support the fund set up for Charline can do so at

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