LifestyleA DINK relationship draws applause for the man involved

A DINK relationship draws applause for the man involved

The couple boasted about the advantages of being in a "DINK" relationship.
The couple boasted about the advantages of being in a "DINK" relationship.
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12:33 PM EST, December 8, 2023

More and more couples are opting not to have children, and they associate several benefits with this decision, financial advantages being the most prominent. The term "DINK", abbreviating "dual income, no kids", is used to describe such couples. Many believe that this is the ideal setup.

Lilly and Evan, who appreciate the advantages of life without offspring, have documented their experience in a video. It has rapidly gained immense popularity, already been watched by nearly five million people.

The duo embraces the "DINK" lifestyle

Lilly Anne and her husband Evan spoke about their unique relationship, proudly asserting that they're in a "DINK" relationship and emphasizing its merits.

"DINK", a shorthand for "dual income, no kids", represents a lifestyle that offers them the flexibility to fulfill many desires. They believe they're living an ideal life, capable of spending their entire paycheck on personal indulgences.

Lilly and Evan's choice not to have children means they can enjoy dinner outings every evening post-work without worrying about the costs.

Yet, it's not just about the savings. They have an abundance of free time and the freedom to do as they wish, unlike many of their peers.

They lack the responsibility of childcare, which simplifies their lives further. "I can go to the store and buy all the snacks I want. I don't miss any games and I have time to play golf," one of them remarks.

Their lifestyle creates a stir

The couple's enthusiasm wasn't well-received by all. Their video attracted several criticisms for their lifestyle choice.

"Children are much more valuable than money," commented one viewer. "I have children, and I do everything you do, and even more," asserted another.

"We have a double income and grown-up kids... the same benefits! Plus love for the children, which cannot be quantified" - shared by an internet user.

Regardless, some envied the couple's freedom (including financially), including a single mom with two children. "Watching this, I'm in tears as a SIKD" (single income, dual kids - single income, two kids), she quipped semi-seriously.

Many took to congratulating the man for his obligation-free life. "You're a winner," declared one commenter.

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