EntertainmentA comedic slasher perfect for the holidays. See trailer for horror movie that will conquer cinemas

A comedic slasher perfect for the holidays. See trailer for horror movie that will conquer cinemas

The premiere of "It's A Wonderful Knife" is coming in November.
The premiere of "It's A Wonderful Knife" is coming in November.
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12:26 PM EDT, October 11, 2023

October is usually associated with a surge of horror films, which premier around the end of the month for Halloween. "It's A Wonderful Knife" won't hit cinemas until November due to its holiday-themed plot. The trailer has just appeared online. What do we know about the film?

Forget about the stereotypical horrors flooding the screens on Halloween. A trailer for a new movie has just been released online, a comedy slasher, referring to the history of cinema. The title refers to the famous 'It's A Wonderful Life' from 1946, which in the States is as much a cult Christmas movie as 'Home Alone'.

The action of Tyler MacIntyre's latest film also takes place in a town obsessed with Christmas. However, this will not be a sweet tale about family warmth and neighborly help; the world in "It's A Wonderful Knife" is atmospherically closer to "Scream".

What is "It's A Wonderful Knife" about?

"It’s a Wonderful Knife" tells the story of Winnie, whose best friend dies after a brutal attack. The heroine catches the killer, which makes her the talk of the town. However, the girl blames herself for the death of her friend and even years after the tragedy, she is still tormented by guilt. She thinks it would be better if she was not there at all.

Unfortunately, her reckless wish comes true: the heroine wakes up in a nightmarish city on the brink of destruction, where there are many more fatal victims. Now Winnie will have to solve a dark mystery before it's too late.

IT'S A WONDERFUL KNIFE Official Trailer (2023)

"It's A Wonderful Knife": references to the classics and casting search

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Tyler MacIntyre calls his latest movie a continuation of "It's a Wonderful Life" and explains where the references to classic cinema come from. Instead of the main character contemplating his good deeds over the years, embodied by James Stewart, Winnie finds out how many murders she has prevented.

Jane Widdop, who played Laura in the television series "Yellowjackets," was eyed by the director for the role of Winnie. MacIntyre admitted that he "loved this casting, this series and thought that the [Widdop] character was a great comic relief, but also had a lot of heart.".

When asked what Jimmy Stewart might think about the large number of casualties in a film inspired by his classic comedy-drama, MacIntyre said:

- I adore Jimmy Stewart. He is for me an example of a very empathetic performer. In real life, no one is as nice as Jimmy Stewart in my thoughts. I really can't even imagine that he dislikes anything, let alone our movie.

"It's A Wonderful Knife": cast, creators, and premiere

We will see on screen, among others, Jane Widdop ("Yellowjackets"), Joel McHale ("Community"), or Justin Long ("Barbarians"). Michael Kennedy ("The Beauty and the Butcher") is responsible for the script and production, and for the cinematography is Nicholas Piatnik.

"It's A Wonderful Knife" in theaters from November 10, 2023.

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