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A cleaner's revelations about Neymar

In the photo: Neymar
In the photo: Neymar
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6:08 AM EST, November 22, 2023

Neymar, a star of Paris Saint-Germain, once employed a domestic cleaner whose responsibilities went far beyond what was considered normal. The woman has claimed that the working conditions were inhumane and is now demanding compensation from the Al-Hilal star.

Neymar is currently in a bittersweet period. He suffered an anterior cruciate ligament tear and damaged his meniscus in October, sidelining him for at least half a year. On the bright side, he now has ample time to spend with his newborn daughter, Mavie.

However, accusations from his former employee, who worked for him during his tenure with Paris Saint-Germain, have cast a shadow. The woman accuses Neymar of exploiting her and subjected her to inhumane treatment for almost two years.

The former employee, who is also a Brazilian like Neymar, worked for him from January 2021 to October 2022 without receiving an official job contract. She revealed that she was forced to work every day without overtime compensation. Moreover, she couldn't negotiate vacation time or prenatal visits during her pregnancy. She continued to work until two weeks before she gave birth.

The woman has now chosen to speak out about her experiences. In an interview with the Brazilian portal Record, she described what her life was like working for Neymar, a job secured through a friend.

"I worked as a bartender's assistant and kitchen staff. My responsibilities also involved cleaning tasks. I even used to manicure his son's grandmother," the woman shared.

She mentioned that her termination was just as unusual. Everything was announced over a phone call and not even by Neymar himself.

"One day, the secretary phoned me, gave me my pay and told me I didn't need to come again. Later, they instructed me to pick up the final payment from the security guard at the main entrance. It was a distressing experience. I suddenly found myself without any means to support my living. They even cut off my electricity for a week," the ex-employee revealed.

With legal assistance, the woman is now seeking monetary compensation from Neymar. She is demanding 368 thousand euros, approximately 412,000 USD, a small amount considering the player's current earnings.

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