TechA blow to the Russians. Ukrainian forces hit the 48Y6-K1 Podlet radar

A blow to the Russians. Ukrainian forces hit the 48Y6-K1 Podlet radar

48Ya6-K1 Podlet-K1 Radar Vehicles
48Ya6-K1 Podlet-K1 Radar Vehicles
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5:33 PM EDT, November 1, 2023

Ukrainian special forces have reportedly targeted a Russian radar, namely 48Y6-К1 Podlet, located in the Belgorod region, according to the press intelligence agency.

Reports suggest that operators from both the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine and the 1. Ivan Bohun Special Purpose Brigade, in collaboration with a Special Forces unit, detected the Russian observation radar. Discovered near the village of Krasnaya Polana within the Russian Federation's border zone, the Ukrainian army used a strike drone to incapacitate the radar. Reports claim the radar installation was subsequently disabled and resulted in losses for the Russians.

Accumulated losses

Since the onset of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian Defense Forces have managed to destroy three 48Ya6-К1 Podlet radars, a mobile power unit, and a command post. The first major loss for the Russians occurred in July with the loss of their initial radar. Available reports from that period indicate that Ukrainians used a HIMARS launcher to annihilate the Russian equipment.

The Russian 48Ya6-K1 Podlet radar underwent its initial round of testing in 2010 and has been in active operation since 2015. As per information released by the radar's manufacturers, the Podlet K1 radar can identify air targets at maximum distances of up to 186 miles and altitudes of up to 6 miles. It can supposedly track at least 200 targets simultaneously.

The radar is primarily aimed at detecting small, low-speed, low-flying targets, including maneuvering missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. The system comprises a radar head, a mobile command post, and a portable generator, each of which is housed in a separate KAMAZ wheeled chassis.

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