NewsA 26-year-old woman attempts to open airplane doors mid-flight under drug influence

A 26‑year-old woman attempts to open airplane doors mid‑flight under drug influence

The woman tried to open the door during the flight.
The woman tried to open the door during the flight.
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9:37 AM EST, November 26, 2023

A 26-year-old woman was detained for trying to open the airplane's emergency doors during a flight. She was on her way back to Korea, after a six-month stay in New York City. Investigations later disclosed that she was operating under the influence of drugs.

The woman was on a Korean Air flight from New York City to Incheon, South Korea. Yonhap News Agency, a South Korean press source, reports that the drug-influenced woman attempted to open the aircraft's emergency doors.

Attempted to exit the airplane mid-flight

After 10 hours into the flight, the woman's behavior became a concern. She started yelling, expressing her desire to exit the aircraft and made several attempts to open the emergency doors.

Initially, flight attendants requested that she return to her seat, but the woman's aggressive behavior intensified. The crew managed to immobilize her for the rest of the flight. Upon arrival, she was turned over to the police.

A drug test revealed the woman was under the influence of methamphetamine. The police are currently investigating the case, examining charges of violated aviation safety and drug abuse.

The police stated that the woman had spent the previous six months in New York City. She was on her journey back to her home country. She had no criminal record to her name, had not previously received psychiatric treatment, and was not on any long-term medication.

The woman now faces up to 10 years of sentencing for the attempted exit and a similar sentence for drug possession and usage. Moreover, she faces a potential fine of 100 million Korean won (approximately $82,981).

This incident is the third of its kind involving Korean airlines this year. An earlier offender was handed a three-year sentence.

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