AutosA 10-seater unique Viper, with no roof, is up for sale

A 10‑seater unique Viper, with no roof, is up for sale

The project certainly draws attention.
The project certainly draws attention.
Images source: © Gateway Classic Cars

6:03 AM EST, December 2, 2023

The first-generation Viper is highly sought after today, despite being a fairly commonplace sports car a few years ago. This popularity made it a perfect base for an extraordinary project that has just come up for sale.

The Viper with a capacity of 10 seats, and a span of 25 ft, is indeed an eye-catching limousine. However, not everyone may appreciate its aesthetic appeal, mainly due to its debatable proportions.

There are also practical issues to consider. The problem isn’t that most passengers have to sit sideways on benches installed along the cabin. Rather, the bigger issue is the absence of a roof, which could be problematic outside of sunny California.

Interestingly, the signature V10 engine and manual gearbox have been removed from under the hood. They have been replaced with a V8 engine coupled with an automatic transmission. This switch is more in line with the relaxing environment characteristic of limousines.

If you are intrigued and would like to explore this unique machine in detail, you should check out the listing on Gateway Classic Cars in St Louis, Missouri. The price tag of $169,000 might seem steep, but considering the uniqueness of this project, it doesn't appear prohibitive.

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