Tips&Tricks90s Redux: Thin, plucked eyebrows make a surprising comeback, but should you go for it?

90s Redux: Thin, plucked eyebrows make a surprising comeback, but should you go for it?

The great return of thin eyebrows
The great return of thin eyebrows
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9:47 AM EST, January 3, 2024

Combat pants, diamond-studded trousers, cropped tank tops, blue eyeshadow - do these ring a bell? These are trends from the 90s that last year made their appearance on runways once again. They were once considered gaudy, but they are currently in vogue. That's the recurring lifecycle of fashion.

Nevertheless, no one expected the "glass" eyebrows, so prominent in the 90s, to come back into fashion. Yes, makeup from the 90s is regaining popularity, and with it, the thin and heavily plucked eyebrows. Is it worth reviving this trend? How does one style thin eyebrows? Let's find out.

The popular eyebrows of the current decade

At the crossroads of the 90s and the 2000s, thin and heavily plucked brows were almost a universal trend amongst women. It's true that not everyone looked their best in them. Well-styled eyebrows act as a frame for the eyes, greatly altering facial features. Thin eyebrows were often barely noticeable, and in some cases, even came off as humorous. This lead makeup artists to discard this trend. Thick, strongly emphasized brows, eventually transitioning into subtly emphasized natural eyebrows, have been the dominating trend for several years.

A wide variety of cosmetic products for eyebrows flooded the market. People regularly used pomades, pencils, powders, or waxes to keep the short, unruly hairs in place. Natural was the way to go. However, everything changed in 2024 when a trend synonymous with kitsch made a comeback.

The unexpected return of thin eyebrows

Generation Z, those born after 1995, are the trendsetters of our time. Many of them appear to be intrigued by the 90s aesthetic, as evident in shops and even on runways. After the revival of combat pants, bomber jackets, and platform shoes, makeup trends are now returning. The trend of light blue eyelids and thin, plucked eyebrows started emerging at the tail end of last year. The trendsetter was Bella Hadid, one of the world’s top models.

But does this mean we should all reach for our tweezers? Not necessarily. Makeup artists suggest that thin eyebrows may not complement everyone's look. Those with round, oval or rectangular faces might want to avoid this trend. However, if you have a strong, square jawline, thin eyebrows could help to soften your facial features.

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