Local News81-year-old Ohio man kills Uber driver over scam fears

81‑year-old Ohio man kills Uber driver over scam fears

An 81-year-old man shot an Uber driver.
An 81-year-old man shot an Uber driver.
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5:27 AM EDT, April 19, 2024

An 81-year-old resident of Ohio shot and killed an Uber employee after she arrived to pick up a package. The woman was unaware that scammers who threatened the man, ordered the pickup. The retiree pleads not guilty.

While it is often suggested that Uber drivers pose a danger to their customers, what happens when the roles are reversed and the person ordering the service poses a threat to the driver?

81-year-old retiree shoots Uber driver

The incident unfolded on March 25 in Ohio. William Brock, an 81-year-old, received a call from someone pretending to be a local court worker. Brock was instructed to pay $12,000 to secure his nephew's release from jail. Upon refusal, the caller threatened Brock and his nephew with death. The scammer also mentioned that someone would come to collect the money.

Loletha Hall, a 61-year-old Uber driver, arrived at Brock's home shortly after, oblivious to the preceding scam attempt and extortion. She was there simply to pick up a package for delivery. Believing Hall was associated with the scammer, Brock demanded her personal information about the man while pointing a gun at her. Hall's car camera recorded her pleading: "Please sir, I’m just here to pick up a package."

Shooting tied to extortion attempt

When Hall attempted to call the police and leave, Brock reacted violently. He shot her three times, targeting her leg, arm, and head. Sergeant Kristopher Shultz of the local sheriff's office clarified that Hall was unarmed, had posed no threat or aggression towards Mr. Brock, and was completely unaware of the extortion demand. Schultz described the encounter: "When she tried to leave, he fired at her once, leading to a struggle between them. Brock was injured in the head during the altercation and then shot Hall a second and third time." Brock contacted the authorities to report the incident only after shooting her three times.

In a recorded 911 call, Brock stated: "This guy trying to extort money from me... said he would kill me and my family. I shot her in the leg first, then in the arm."

Driver dies en route to hospital

Loletha Hall succumbed to her injuries on the way to the hospital. Authorities have yet to identify the individual who ordered the Uber service, and no further arrests related to the case have been announced. During a search of Brock's residence, the scammer contacted again but evaded a police-arranged meeting.

Brock faces three murder charges (reflecting the three shots fired), one charge of severe bodily injury, and one of kidnapping. He has entered a plea of not guilty and was released on $200,000 bail.

Uber said, "This is a horrific tragedy, and our hearts continue to be with Loletha's loved ones as they grieve. We have been in contact with law enforcement and remain committed to supporting their investigation," the company added.

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