Lifestyle'70s hairstyle revival: Brushing technique returns as answer for thin hair in 2024

'70s hairstyle revival: Brushing technique returns as answer for thin hair in 2024

What is brushing? The trend from the 70s is making a comeback.
What is brushing? The trend from the 70s is making a comeback.
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3:23 PM EST, February 12, 2024

As we've entered 2024, women are loving clothes adorned with bows and nails accentuated by colorful dots, as well as the revival of the hairstyle popularized in the 70s, brushing. This timeless hairdo adds significant volume, making it a hot trend among those with thin or sparse hair.

Hairdressers predict that for the next few months, this trend is going to be a sensation. Want to know more about brushing and how to achieve it at home? Keep reading.

Brushing: A hairstyle that enhances volume

There comes a time in every woman's life when dabbling with a change in their hair becomes appealing. If you're not inclined towards drastic changes like a haircut or coloring, consider other methods that can offer a completely new look.

Brushing, one such method and a popular styling choice in the ‘70s, makes hair appear thicker and fuller. While the style saw height of its popularity five decades ago, it's making a sensational comeback.

What does brushing look like?

Brushing involves flipping the ends of your hair outward. This technique lends the hair an airy and elegant effect. Additionally, it accentuates facial features marvelously. The best part about brushing is its versatility — it complements nearly every beauty type and can be easily done at home. To further diversify your look, consider adding a retro element to this hairstyle, such as a black bow or velvet band.

How to do brushing at home?

While brushing is eye-catching and relatively easy to manage at home, there's a catch. This hairstyle can lose its sleek look quickly, necessitating daily restyling. Here's what you'll need — a round brush, a hairdryer, and a curling iron or hair straightener.

A key aspect of brushing is the proper method of hair modeling. The ends need to be styled with a brush and dried at the correct angle. To make styling easier and to add shine, a styling foam that enhances hair grip and sparkle is recommended. If your initial attempts fail to meet your expectations, you can use a straightener or curling iron to gently curl the ends outward. Alternatively, you can use thick rollers to set your hair.

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