Lifestyle70-year-old woman discovers a rare pearl in dinner, uses it for an engagement ring

70‑year-old woman discovers a rare pearl in dinner, uses it for an engagement ring

She found a pearl in the mussel.
She found a pearl in the mussel.
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5:57 PM EST, January 16, 2024

The "Daily Mail" recently reported this amazing story. The couple had gone out for a festive dinner on Christmas in 2021. Little did they know that their order of delicious mussels had a surprise in store for them.

As Ken settled down with his last piece, he offered it to Sandra. Without hesitation, she consumed it, only to discover a strange spherical object in her mouth. The shock was palpable.

Imagine finding a pearl in a mussel. So beautiful, it was used for an engagement ring!

Sandra discarded the oddball, and upon closer examination with Ken, they discovered it was a pearl. A quite flawless one at that, oval in shape, with a diameter of 0.39 inches.

Experts speculate that the mussel must have stayed untouched for nearly half a century to form a pearl of this size, an uncommon occurrence in Narragansett Bay from where it likely originated, according to the "Daily Mail."

Following this discovery, Sandra and Ken decided to get engaged. The couple chose to feature the found pearl in their engagement ring. They involved Marc Fishbone, a renowned jeweler from Connecticut, who created an extraordinary design in just two weeks.

He skillfully crafted the gold setting and securely mounted the pearl, which required no grinding. Finally, he added two diamonds from Sandra's personal collection to finish the ring.

Upon receiving the crafted ring, Sandra was overcome with joy. After getting her voice back, she said 'yes' to Ken on July 8, 2023. The pair then revisited the beloved restaurant to reminisce about their unique find.

In the future, Sandra intends to bequeath the ring to her granddaughter.

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