News70-year-old Ukrainian theater director willing to risk life to end Putin's reign

70‑year-old Ukrainian theater director willing to risk life to end Putin's reign

The theater director in Kiev is ready for the greatest sacrifices.
The theater director in Kiev is ready for the greatest sacrifices.
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5:55 AM EST, February 24, 2024

Originally, the conflict was only supposed to last two days. The Russians planned a swift military operation, assuming there would be a quick victory. But two days have turned into two years. In this war, Ukrainian cities come under fire daily, with civilians bearing the brunt of the casualties. But even in their exhaustion, the Ukrainians continue the fight. Volodymyr Petraniuk vividly remembers that fateful day in February 2022.

"We woke up at 4 am. Bombs began to explode in Kyiv. This is Putin's habit, just like Stalin's and Hitler's - to attack in the early morning when people are half-asleep and disoriented," he shares during his interview with "Super Express".

That day, he and many others registered at the military recruitment office, stating their readiness to fight. Over the two years, they have grown accustomed to air raid alarms. They no longer seek shelter, instead attempting to maintain an semblance of normal life.

However, there are moments that linger in their memories, too heartbreaking to simply ignore.

"The most terrifying part of all this is witnessing the death of children," Petraniuk confesses.

He would sacrifice his life for peace

If his sacrifice could end the war, he would willingly give his life. In his interview with Super Express, this Kyiv theater director admits that he would even contemplate murder if it spelt an end to Putin's reign.

"I am certain it would be better for everyone. I don't know when this war will end, but surely, this chalice of poverty and pain will eventually spill over. In my opinion, that could happen in a year, two years, or even longer," he confesses.

However, he clarifies that Putin isn't the only issue. In his view, Russia is controlled by a "collective Putin", even though the personified Putin acts as the primary source of evil.

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