Lifestyle56-year-old Nashville man loses 10 pounds a week on a strictly McDonald's diet

56‑year-old Nashville man loses 10 pounds a week on a strictly McDonald's diet

100 days with McDonald's
100 days with McDonald's
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9:24 AM EST, January 11, 2024

Kevin Maginnis, who resides in Nashville and is a 56-year-old man, works as a business coach professionally and is a loving father and grandfather in his private life.

On February 21, Maginnis decided to check his weight. Seeing 238 pounds on the scale, which exceeded his expectations of 235 pounds, he concluded this situation to be "absolutely unacceptable". Many could relate to such a revelation after stepping onto the scales, but Kevin's weight loss strategy is certainly distinctive.

Maginnis then committed to losing weight over the next 100 days. This wouldn't be unusual if not for his unusual plan - to incorporate fast food into his diet bizarrely.

Despite being 56, Maginnis doesn't resort to diet caterers. Instead, he’s determined to drop weight by solely dining at McDonald's.

Americans have a well-known fondness for fast food, however, this love is not returned. Obesity and overweight rates in the US continue to escalate, with highly processed and low-quality foods being the major contributors. But Kevin Maginnis, at 56, proposes that gaining weight is less about what we consume, and more about the quantity.

Could Maginnis be on to something? To test his theory, he’s eating meals from McDonald's and documenting his unique weight loss journey on TikTok.

Instead of sugary drinks, Maginnis opts for water and eats only half of each ordered meal (he saves the remaining portion for later). Moreover, he refrains from snacking between meals.

TikToker reveals the results of his ''diet''

"Many of you might think I've lost my mind, but let's watch and see", expressed Maginnis in one of his initial TikTok videos.

His first meal on this peculiar diet was a sausage McMuffin with egg and cheese, accompanied by a crispy hash brown. Maginnis ate half of the meal for lunch and concluded the day with a Quarter Pounder hamburger and fries.

In the following days, he maintained a similar menu and consistently portioned his meals. By the third day alone, he reported a loss of three pounds. However, tests revealed an abnormal blood sugar level.

Yet, the determined 56-year-old remains resolute and anticipates that his blood sugar will normalize in the following weeks of his fast-food diet.

My biggest motivation is wanting to be healthy for my family. I have children and grandchildren, and I want to be present for them — he shared on TikTok.

After a week of dining solely at McDonald's, Maginnis lost 10 pounds. Progress continued in the subsequent days. He confidently showcases these results on TikTok, asserting his unconventional weight loss method "absolutely works".

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