Entertainment5 signs your relationship is over. How to tell when your partner wants to leave?

5 signs your relationship is over. How to tell when your partner wants to leave?

How to recognize that your partner wants to leave
How to recognize that your partner wants to leave
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6:39 PM EDT, October 26, 2023

Silent departure can take various forms - from total indifference, through ignorance to purposely causing arguments. So how do you recognize that this is the end of the relationship?

Commitment to a relationship is one of the key pillars on which a lasting relationship is based. The readiness to meet the needs of the other person and mutual care strengthen the bond between partners, enabling them to plan their future together. Unfortunately, both parties do not always approach the relationship with the same level of commitment. Sometimes one of the partners avoids open communication, and everyday life begins to be filled with silence and resignation. Being in such a relationship can resemble a state of lethargy. A person who is not fully committed often cannot decisively say "no" and end the relationship. Such quiet departures can take various forms - from complete indifference, through ignorance, to deliberately provoking quarrels. So how do you know that the relationship is over?

Quiet departure

Quiet leaving is a situation in which one of the partners stops responding to the needs of the other half. Even though they realize that the tense atmosphere and constant conflicts require open conversation and efforts to repair the relationship, they choose passivity. It's a form of surrender and resignation from the relationship but without a definite ending. The indifferent person stops talking about their feelings.

How to recognize that it's the end of a relationship?

If your partner doesn't want to discuss the future together, it could be because they want to break up but don't want to hurt your feelings by telling you directly. This can relate to serious matters such as having children or buying a house, or less complicated plans about a vacation or family trip. Try bringing up the topic of your future together and see their reaction. If your partner shows no interest, it should be a serious warning sign for you.

If your partner stops talking about the happy moments you've spent together, it may be because they don't want to feel guilty about wanting to end the relationship. Instead of remembering the good times, they are trying to forget about the relationship with you. However, they still lack the courage for an honest and open dialogue, so they choose silent resignation, hoping that you will ultimately make the decision to break up.

Have you and your partner always liked to keep in constant contact? Did you often write messages to each other during the day and always find time for at least a short conversation? If you notice that your partner is slowly limiting contact and delaying in answering your questions, it may be one of the signals that your relationship needs a sincere conversation.

If you notice that your partner has stopped showing interest in your life, doesn't listen to your stories, or doesn't respond to requests for advice, this is another warning sign. His ignorance and avoidance of contact may stem from the fact that he is worried and troubled, wondering how to end the relationship.

If you and your partner are constantly arguing, it may be because one of you has already decided that you do not want to continue the relationship. However, for fear of hurting the other person's feelings, they still stay in the relationship. This state of suspension leads to frustration and constant tension. In order to vent their anger, they start to instigate arguments about trivial and utterly irrelevant matters.

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