Tips&Tricks45 years of fries and smiles. Farewell to an iconic McDonald's employee from Gibsonia

45 years of fries and smiles. Farewell to an iconic McDonald's employee from Gibsonia

Dot Sharp has worked at McDonald's for 45 years.
Dot Sharp has worked at McDonald's for 45 years.
Images source: © Pixabay, | Kelvin Stuttard, McDonald's of Gibsonia

2:03 PM EST, January 18, 2024

While working at McDonald's is just like working anywhere else, spending more than four decades there is indeed an outstanding achievement. Dot Sharp, an 84-year-old lady from Pennsylvania, is one such person. She has been working at the American McDonald’s outlet in Gibsonia since 1978 and recently decided to bid adieu to her job. Throughout her years of service, Dot remained a smiling and kind-hearted figure for the restaurant's clientele.

A Lifetime Spent Serving at McDonald's

The year 1978 feels like a distant past to many visitors; after all, the world has drastically transformed in the past 45 years. It was during this time that Dot Sharp found employment at McDonald's. Some popular food items such as McChicken or McNuggets hadn't been introduced yet, while a BigMac cost 90 cents!

Over the years, Dot became an iconic figure at McDonald's, earning the love and respect of her colleagues, bosses, and customers. She often shared her fondness for her job and her interactions with the people she served. Dot has vivid memories of when the iconic Happy Meal was introduced in 1980 and when the McPizza was discontinued in 2000. She trained many employees and contributed significantly to the evolution of the McDonald's outlet in Gibsonia.

Her Last Day at McDonald's

Dot Sharp walked into McDonald's for the last time on January 12 this year, unprepared for the farewell awaited her. Customers lined up early in the morning to place their order with her one last time, express their gratitude, and share some kind words. This wasn't surprising, considering how well the residents of Gibsonia knew Dot and appreciated her kindness. Her superiors praised her for shaping many generations of McDonald's staff with her infectious smile and optimism.

The gestures of her customers, superiors, and coworkers left Dot touched and grateful. She thanked McDonald's for offering her the flexibility to work when she needed it most, as a single mother. Interestingly, her granddaughter, who also worked at the same restaurant, was the last to place an order during Dot's final shift. Dot now looks forward to enjoying her well-deserved retirement. Her strength, vitality, and energy are worthy of admiration.

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