Entertainment45-year-old 'Alien' Movie Dazzles at Box Office Amidst Modern Titles

45‑year-old 'Alien' Movie Dazzles at Box Office Amidst Modern Titles

"Alien - 8th passenger of the 'Nostromo'"
"Alien - 8th passenger of the 'Nostromo'"
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6:47 AM EDT, April 30, 2024

Last weekend in April, the spotlight wasn't on the American box office leader but rather on a film that ranked in the top ten. Why? Among the titles with the highest attendance was a film produced 45 years ago: "Alien—8th Passenger 'Nostromo'."

Due to a shortage of new releases during the pandemic, American cinemas began to showcase older titles. These special screenings were often tied to the anniversary of the film's original release. Moviegoers embraced this idea, and despite Hollywood studios now operating at full capacity, almost every week brings the re-emergence of an anniversary title in theaters.

This week was "Alien - 8th Passenger 'Nostromo'". Released in 1979, this film is regarded by many critics and viewers as the pinnacle of science fiction horror in cinema history. Its "cult status" is so significant that the film from 45 years ago attracted about 150,000 viewers in American cinemas last weekend, placing it among the weekend's ten most popular titles.

Despite the renowned fame of "Alien," this impressive turnout was likely unexpected. Ridley Scott's masterpiece is familiar to almost all adult viewers, frequently broadcast on television, and available for streaming at any time.

What can we say about a production so widely recognized? Perhaps its creation 45 years ago reminds us that creators have hit a creative wall in many film genres, struggling to devise and produce anything superior. This seems especially true in the realm of science fiction.

When it comes to "Alien," opinions among viewers vary. Some deem Ridley Scott’s film the franchise's best, while others have a soft spot for the sequel produced seven years later by James Cameron, "Aliens - The Final Clash." Meanwhile, on August 15, "Alien: Romulus" will debut in Polish cinemas.

The plot is set between the events of the first and second "Alien" films, yet it doesn't directly tie into their narratives. While no one expects it to surpass the original, the promising aspect is that Ridley Scott is producing it. Given his history with the series and respect for the original work, he would unlikely deliver a subpar installment.

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