News4000 killed in Avdiivka. An onslaught continues

4000 killed in Avdiivka. An onslaught continues

Piles of bodies under Avdiivka
Piles of bodies under Avdiivka
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6:21 AM EST, November 14, 2023

Avdiivka sees casualty numbers surpassing those of Vuhledar and Bakhmut, with a reported 3,000 to 4,000 killed, 7,000 to 8,000 wounded soldiers, and over 400 pieces of military hardware destroyed. These figures were announced on Monday evening by Avdiivka mayor Vitaliy Barabash.

Barabash later added that Russian fronts have seen an increase in activity. "Our forces are mounting a strong resistance and reclaiming territory, which aggravates the enemy, forcing them to intensify their attacks to the south," he said. Freedom Legion's Ukrainian officer, Maksym Morozov, earlier confirmed that the warzone's conditions are "quite challenging".

Rising concerns over delayed aid for Ukraine

According to the U.S. National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, the delay in approving the aid package for Ukraine undermines America's ability to support Ukraine's needs fully. He voiced concerns on Monday, stating that the situation worsens weekly.

"As each week passes, it's getting harder to fund what we deem necessary for Ukraine completely - the tools and means to defend its territory and continue development. Decisions regarding the size of aid packages and their content depend on our anticipation of when the funding bill will be voted on," Sullivan explained during a White House press briefing.

This comment was made about the ongoing disagreements and delays in Congress regarding a proposal for over $60 billion package in military and financial aid for Ukraine. The requested funds were not incorporated into the new stopgap budget submitted by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, and are due for approval by November 17. The future of the aid package remains uncertain.

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