News$375 for a Chihuahua Turns Into a Surprise Breed Mix-Up

$375 for a Chihuahua Turns Into a Surprise Breed Mix‑Up

Jordan thought she was buying a chihuahua.
Jordan thought she was buying a chihuahua.
Images source: © TikTok | @jordanskyehair

6:03 AM EDT, April 15, 2024

Purchasing a "long-haired Chihuahua" for about $375 turned into a surprising disappointment when the growing dog was revealed to be a mix of entirely different breeds. The owner, left with photos and videos of her pet, found an online community full of sympathetic comments.
Often, what appears to be a special offer turns into a scam. This was the case for Jordan Skye, who was enticed by an advertisement for a "long-haired Chihuahua" at a reduced price of about $375. As the dog matured, it became clear it was not the breed promised.

The dog was supposed to be a long-haired Chihuahua

Jordan Skye shared this unusual situation on TikTok, where she discussed purchasing a puppy from an online platform. The price, significantly lower than typical for the breed, persuaded her to buy immediately.

Initially, everything seemed perfect. The puppy, Kiwi, was a pure joy. However, over time, his appearance evolved significantly. He bore little resemblance to a long-haired Chihuahua and looked more like a mix of different breeds.

The purchase, expected to be a long-haired Chihuahua, was anything but, as seen in videos and photos shared by Skye.
What was once a small puppy transformed into a large, charming dog, yet not a Chihuahua.
The dog that was supposed to be a chihuahua
The dog that was supposed to be a chihuahua© TikTok | @jordanskyehair
Jordan Skye loves her pet deeply, regardless of the breed. Still, her disappointment in not getting what she paid for is evident.

Gullibility or naivety? Watch out for fake breeders

The scam has triggered a wide range of reactions online. Some are outraged by the seller's actions, while others are amazed at Jordan's naivety. The consensus is clear: Jordan was scammed.

Scams in the illegal pet market are highly profitable, ranking third behind drugs and arms trafficking. It highlights the importance of thoroughly vetting breeders.

Claims like "dog with papers" or "puppies from a registered breeder" are unreliable.

Choosing a breeder carefully protects yourself and your future pet from the often deplorable conditions of illegal breeding operations.

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