Tech360-degree cameras in orbit: A new view of Earth and space

360‑degree cameras in orbit: A new view of Earth and space

Earth in 360 degrees
Earth in 360 degrees
Images source: © Insta360

11:44 AM EST, December 1, 2023

A compact camera, named Insta360 X2, has the capability to record 360-degree videos, presenting new and fascinating ways of seeing our world. The manufacturers, however, believed that its utility in space could prove even more captivating. After putting it to the test and reviewing the released materials, it seems they were right-handedly correct.

Insta360 made history in early 2023, by sending two cameras equipped with 360-degree lenses to low-Earth orbit as part of a private space mission. The groundbreaking photos and video footage provide us with a novel perspective on our planet and the cosmic environment surrounding it.

Pioneering 360-degree Cameras in Space

This project posed a significant challenge. The cameras had to endure extreme temperatures, ranging from -94 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, at an altitude of 310 miles above Earth's surface. They also had to resist heavy doses of radiation and withstand the shocks and vibrations during the rocket launch.

The successful execution of this initiative was a joint effort of Media Storm and Spacety companies. These companies fine-tuned the camera to withstand the harsh conditions of space. This resulted in modifications to the lens, mainboard, casing, and sealing systems, and the entire unit was encased in gold foil for radiation protection.

A Fresh Glimpse of Earth and Beyond

The compelling images and footage captured by the Insta360 cameras enable us to view Earth in all its splendor. They also reveal that stars and galaxies are vividly visible in space, which is usually overshadowed in standard photographs due to the focus on closer, brighter objects.

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