Tips&Tricks111-year-old reveals his surprising secret to longevity: Fries!

111‑year-old reveals his surprising secret to longevity: Fries!

The oldest man in the world, John Tinniswood.
The oldest man in the world, John Tinniswood.
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8:59 AM EDT, April 24, 2024

Longevity is often linked to a healthy lifestyle and various strategies for preserving good health over many years. However, the world's oldest man offers a counterpoint to this theory. At 111 years old, his favorite dish is fries! Let's get to know John Tinniswood and his remarkable journey through life.

John Tinniswood, who was born on August 26, 1912, in Merseyside, northern England, has celebrated 111 birthdays and is currently recognized as the oldest man in the world. Despite his advanced age, he attributes his longevity to luck and fate. Discover more about his fascinating life.

The life of the world's oldest man

History buffs will quickly note that John's birth year coincides with the sinking of the Titanic, an intriguing tidbit, although he had no personal connection to the tragedy. In terms of his career, John didn't pursue anything particularly glamorous, having worked in accounting before transitioning to a position at the post office.

His professional life was largely sedentary, often criticized for its long-term health impacts. John retired in 1972 and is now approaching six decades of retirement, which feels like a whole new chapter. In his younger days, John enjoyed hiking and avoided smoking and alcohol. Perhaps these choices played a role in his extraordinary longevity.

John's love story began at a dance party during World War II, where he met his future wife, Boldwen. The couple married in 1942 and soon welcomed their daughter, Susan, in 1943. John and Boldwen shared 44 years together until her passing in 1986.

Memories of Liverpool from its earliest days

John is a devoted soccer fan who has always supported Liverpool, a club founded just two decades before his birth. He has witnessed the team's evolution and climb to prominence among the world's top football clubs.

John acknowledges that his favorite meal, especially on Friday afternoons, is fish and chips—a testament to his English heritage and fondness for local cuisine. While he would love to unveil the secret to living a long life, he honestly admits he has no explanation for his remarkable longevity, considering he hasn't made any special efforts to maintain his health.

Today, John resides in a nursing home in Southport and is on the verge of surpassing the record held by the oldest man from Japan, who lived to be 116 years and 54 days old. That milestone isn't too far away for him!

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