News100,000 Russians left in the cold: Vladivostok power crisis worsens in harsh winter

100,000 Russians left in the cold: Vladivostok power crisis worsens in harsh winter

Things are going bad in Russia. Another city has a problem with water.
Things are going bad in Russia. Another city has a problem with water.
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4:13 AM EST, January 24, 2024

Residents grapple with a frigid wave. Severe frost affects not just military installations but primarily ordinary citizens. Almost daily, new malfunctions arise, disrupting residents' sleep.

Igor Susho, an activist keen on tracking the situation in Russia, relayed the most recent incident. According to his report, an explosion at an electrical substation left 100,000 inhabitants of Vladivostok powerless.

Vladivostok, situated at the southern end of the Maritime Territory along the Sea of Japan, forms part of the Pacific Ocean area approximately 31 miles from the Chinese-Russian border. Vladivostok experiences a moderate monsoon climate, averaging -10.1° F.

Russians deal with power and water shortages

Living without electricity and heating under such conditions proves to be very challenging. And as reported by a resident of the Chelyabinsk region, Russians are hardly eager to repair such damage. The locals lack heating and water supplies.

The administration was informed - we alerted them about our lack of water and heating. They came and did some work for about five minutes. They said they had to open the valve because it was broken manually, a Russian woman living in the region shared.

According to her, the fix lasted only 10 days, after which residents were left without rerunning water, and heating was still unavailable. - The administration? They must have known because everyone did. Yet, they didn't take any steps. Everyone's suffering is considerable - laments the angry Russian woman.

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