LifestyleInfluencer shocked by children at a kid-friendly hotel, leaving internet users baffled

Influencer shocked by children at a kid‑friendly hotel, leaving internet users baffled

Children, playing in the pool, can make a lot of noise.
Children, playing in the pool, can make a lot of noise.
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7:46 PM EST, December 18, 2023

The most popular tourist destinations often have a wide range of hotels, ensuring that everyone will find something that suits their needs. Those who want to relax in silence can choose adult-only hotels, while families with young children can opt for those that offer as many attractions for the kids as possible. Nevertheless, in such places, the presence of children actively playing is expected. However, this isn't as obvious to everyone.

Influencer visits a hotel catering to children

Cecilie Mikkelsen, an influencer from Denmark, was surprised to find many children at a Majorca hotel she visited, which is known for its amenities for young tourists. The 26-year-old posted a video on TikTok titled "Book a children's hotel- they said. It will be fun- they said."

In the video, she showed footage of pools with slides busy with children of various ages playing, as well as rows of occupied sun loungers with toys scattered nearby. The clips were set to a song with the lyrics "oh no, oh no".

Internet users react with surprise

The TikTok video quickly gained attention, with over 1.3 million views. There were also hundreds of comments, the majority of which expressed surprise at the influencer's complaints about what seemed to be an obvious outcome.

"If you choose to go to a so-called children's hotel, expect it to be a family place with lots of children running around everywhere. I'm confused, what were you really expecting? Anyone with common sense would be prepared for this", "You're surprised there are children in a children's hotel?" are among the comments made.

However, the influencer clarified that her main grievance was not with the children themselves, but rather with the general crowd at the hotel.

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